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There are so many ways to build a relationship with your dog. From obedience classes, to agility, to learning tricks, to becoming therapy dogs and Canine Good Citizens. Here are just a few of the organized activities that our members and their dogs are involved in.

Australian Shepherd being shown in conformation ring

Conformation Dog Shows


Purebred dogs' appearance and structure are evaluated to show their ability to produce quality purebred puppies. Learn more.


SVKC hosts a dog show annually. We combine with Skyline Kennel Club  in June - the Virginia Adventure Cluster.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever sailing over a jump in agiity



An athletic event for both dog and handler, agility is run through a course of various obstacles against the clock. Learn more.

SVKC hosts several agility trials throughout the year in Harrisonburg and Reva.

Dogs lined up in obedience



Obedience trials showcase how well dogs have learned to behave in the home, in public and in the presence of other dogs. Learn more.

Rally shows off the teamwork between dog and handler while they perform various skills. Learn more.

Labrador Retriever jumping dock diving

Dock Diving


Splash into action with your dog! Dock diving is a fast-growing sport. North America Diving Dog titles are recognized by AKC. Learn more.

Dog with bird in its mouth in field trial



Field trials test how well hunting dogs have learned to perform. The tests vary depending on the focus of your dog's breed. Learn more.


dog sniffing a tube in barn hunt with handler

Barn Hunt


Dogs use their innate instincts and sense of smell to search for rats (safe in tubes) on a course of straw bales. Barn Hunt titles are recognized by AKC. Learn more.


The local Barn Hunt club is Happy Ratters of Harrisonburg.


Dog chasing the lure in a Fast CAT competition

Fast CAT (Fast Coursing Ability Test)


In a timed 100 yard dash, dogs test their speed and drive as they chase a plastic lure down a straight course. Learn more.

SVKC hosts a Fast CAT trial each year in April.

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