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The following members of the Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club have volunteered to provide information about specific breeds of purebred dogs. The information they provide is based on their knowledge of and experience with these breeds. They are a valuable resource in your search for the right purebred dog for you, your familiy and your lifestyle.

Many other resources are available to you through the American Kennel Club. On the AKC website you can find information about any of the AKC recognized purebred dog breeds, links to each breed's Parent Club where you can find even more information about a particular breed, breed rescue and breeder referral. The AKC website also provides names of breeders who are in good standing with the AKC and classified advertisments for puppies available from AKC breeders.

Please remember internet research is only one step in the process of finding the right dog for you, your family and your lifestyle. Take the time to go meet breeders and their dogs before making a committment to buying a dog.

flat-coated retriever

Flat-Coated Retrievers


Penny Woodward





Karl Rosenbaum





Sharyn Hutchens


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